Educational Resources


Please see below some resources that are available to support your child in their journey through education.

Please note these resources have not been tried and tested, they are simply there to signpost you.

Down Syndrome Education International

We are an international charity that supports scientific research and delivers evidenced-based advice and information to improve outcomes for children with Down syndrome worldwide.

Here you can see the latest research, resources and services they offer. The resources section includes their See and Learn packages for speech, reading and numbers, as well as a reading & language intervention (see below). They also provide a number of online training courses for parents & teachers.

See and Learn

See and Learn teaching programmes provide evidenced-based activities, guidance and support to help children with Down syndrome to improve their speech, language, reading and numeracy skills.

Reading and Language Intervention (RLI)

The Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down syndrome (RLI) is a teaching programme designed to improve reading and language outcomes for children with Down syndrome. It supplements and supports regular teaching with daily one-to-one interventions sessions. The intervention sessions follow a consistent format within which instruction is carefully targeted to the individual student.

Online Courses

Each course includes a series of modules, each of which includes a video presentation, handouts and an assessment. The video presentations can be viewed online, handouts downloaded and assessments completed at any time. In addition, course participants are invited to join a discussion forum with DSE tutors for the opportunity to ask questions and seek additional advice.


There are a number of reading schemes that teach Reading through key words rather than through the use of phonics.

See and Learn



Engage Literacy Wonder Words


The Maths Mum

See and Learn Numbers

See and Learn Numbers is designed to help parents and educators teach children basic number skills and concepts.


The following book was written by a Psychologist who shares his approach to behaviour management. The book examines how the brain of a person with Down syndrome works, how those differences impact behaviour, and why bad behaviour should not be viewed as a wilful act.