About us

The group’s main aims are to support our members (both young and old) in their everyday living, and with new challenges they may face. This help can come in a variety of ways…including:

Social Events

We host a range of fun activities throughout the year where families can meet new friends and share their experiences. Our events are enjoyed by over 150 members and their families who report finding the events friendly and great fun.


We provide training for family members and professionals to ensure that all those supporting people with Down’s Syndrome have access to the most up to date knowledge and skills, so our members receive the best care possible.

Individual Support

We also provide 1:1 support for families when they need some assistance to deal with challenging times. Our volunteer parents love to meet up with new families who are just starting their lives with a child with Down’s Syndrome to provide support and guidance at this most daunting time Equally, we love getting together with existing members and their families who may be facing new challenges and working to help deal with any issues.

Carers Specialist

LDSSG can offer the support of a volunteer parent with specialist expertise in supporting families to ensure they have access to the correct financial and practical support. Please contact us if you require support around access to benefits etc. For more details on a variety of support networks we are linked with lease click on the link.

Access to Funding 

We can provide financial assistance towards resources which will improve the quality of our member’s lives and are not available from statutory sources. We have previously made contributions towards sports activities, specialist equipment and mobility aids. For more details click on the this link.

Fundraising Events

We prioritise raising awareness within our communities and regularly hold events to promote greater understanding of Down’s Syndrome. We hold a bi-annual Charity Ball and many other fundraising events to ensure we can continue working to support our members and enhance their lives. We also produce a calendar featuring our amazing members yearly. For more details on how you can support LDSSG by fundraising please click on the link.


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