Harrisons Hampers

Harrisons Hampers are a gift for all new families on the arrival of their little one born with Down’s Syndrome in Lincolnshire.

The congratulatory Hampers, funded by ‘Lincolnshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group’, are filled with treats and information for the whole family, from knitted baby hats and blankets, a book for siblings, taggie blankets, wash items for hospital stays, a free photography session and much more!

All content of the Hampers are from Lincolnshire based businesses. As well as a gift, Harrisons Hampers also signpost new families to the Lincolnshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group which is a parent led charity whose principal aim is to enhance the lives of people with Down’s Syndrome and their families in Lincolnshire.

If you know a family who require a Harrisons Hamper or if you would like to support this project in any way please get in touch with ‘Emma’ via the contact us page using the title “Harrisons Hampers” and she will be happy to chat with you further. Alternatively like and follow us on Facebook.