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Should you have any questions about how we can help or support your family or friends; ideas for fundraising and support; or to simply find out more about us, please complete this form

    In line with the updated Data Protection Regulations we will only store your information should we have your express permission – read on for more details.

    In review of the LDSSG’s data protection, all members and their families are being made aware that the LDSSG may hold private data on you and your family.

    The data in question will be; names, addresses, date of birth, contact numbers and email addresses, if all of which has been provided.

    The purpose of holding this data is for internal use only.

    The data allows the LDSSG to contact members and their families, informing you of upcoming events, training events and other information.

    All data is protected and only available to authorised personnel.

    Data will not be passed on to third parties.

    LDSSG will assume by completing the contact form that you are consenting to us holding your data as per the uses described above.

    You have the right to not give consent, this will immediately remove your details from the database and prevent the LDSSG from contacting you.

    Not giving consent does not remove you from the group or access to what we offer; it merely removes our right to contact you.

    You have the right to give or remove consent at any time.

    You have the right to access your data from the LDSSG (Please allow up to 40 days)

    Please complete the LDSSG Data Protection 2018 form if you would like to remove your consent to LDSSG holding your details as outlined above.